Rancho Silencio – 5 lots for sale in San Ramon with GULF VIEWS



Lots range from $60,000 U.S. (1.5 acres) to $135,000. (3.4 acres) and the house (on 2 acres). is $119,000.

If you want to get away from it all, if you love nature, this is your dream property!
– Or if you just want privacy and quiet!
– Or if you want beautiful sunsets and distant ocean views with the beauty of the ocean but NOT the oppressive humidity and heat!
– Or if you just want a place to grow fruits and veges and sit and watch the sunset with a glass of wine or watch the morning view of the Gulf with a cup of coffee…
Then RanchoSilencio is for you!

We offer 5 lots, 4 are just land and one has a 1BR house on it, electricity and water, driveway and everything all ready to move in! The house is 1BR but since it’s made with SIP panels – green, earthquake resistant and well insulated – you can easily and cheaply add 1-2- or 3 more rooms!

The lots range from 1.5 to 3.4 acres. ALL have ocean views, most have very wide ocean views, one has a more narrow view but also is less expensive and closest to the road! (Cheaper to bring in electricity and water!)

San Ramon is a great small town with all amenities, even a hospital, super store, and mall with a cinema! You should never have to go to San Jose for anything and believe me, that’s a blessing!

We see toucans, parrots, humming birds, eagles, hawks and falcons regularly and many others including red-headed woodpeckers and toledos.

We have tons of butterflies including the big blue morphos!

We even have monkeys – the white faced ones – who don’t come in too close to the house but they do pass by every so often. The howler monkeys – you hear them but way off in the distance.

The properties all have fruit trees – orange, avocado, mango, guayaba… Lot 2 has the most including the above plus lemons and bananas.

We’re out in the country, there are neighbors but you don’t see nor hear them. There’s a gringo down the road 1/4 mile with a coffee farm. We have a Tico family coffee farm next to us but they don’t live there, and on the other side we have a private forest reserve.

If you want to live in a gated community with a bunch of gringos please don’t contact us. We like nature and peace and quiet and if you fit that bill, then this is for YOU!

We can negotiate a little on the price and we can offer financing if you have great AAA credit!

Note: the location given on the map is approximate. When you want to come see your dream property, call or write me and I’ll give you easy to follow directions or pick you up in San Ramon and bring you out.


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